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July 24   Have any of you ever tried to make money on line?  Well it is not the bed of roses that they try and make it out to be. Its amazing that the software companies get away with the false advertising that they all do. “Make S500.00 within minutes or at the longest, while you sleep” or some such ridiculous thing they all tout, but just like Cinderellas’ stepmother that’s IF.  I have tried many of these on line miracles and each one tries a different strategy for site ranking but it is very hard to achieve and without it – no one is going to see your sites.  All the hoop-a-la about instant money is what my Mom would have called bull-dunkie.  I now have several websites and no visitors. It has become a game of “What do we try next!”  I have a couple of favorite programs that I use as toys.  When I get bored I see what else I can try with them.  I update my websites regularly so I have something new to read as I am sure I am the only one who sees them.  Oh well, try again tomorrow.

July 25    Spent the day writing an article and a blog.  You know after you do this for a while you forget what you previously wrote and get nervous that you have previously written the similar things in a previous article and article publishers don’t like that. And someone once advertised “7 minutes to the top of Google”.  I don’t think so.  It takes me more than 7 minutes to think of the next paragraph that I am going to write about.  Article submissions, at least finding original material for articles, is one of the most difficult  promotions that the internet marketer usually has to do.  They sell all sorts of spinners but none of them really produce more than a couple of decent readable articles, and since most of us are not exactly authors so it is quite a task for most of us.  But if you want the big search engines to see your site, it’s a necessary evil.  Of course if you have a nice budget to pull from there are many sites that will do it for you. Oh well, get back to my writing.


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